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Meet the Photographer

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Are there any places that you think are really beautiful? Where would you suggest and any good/bad times of day or year?

For me, it has to be Birnam Wood and probably in the Autumn when the colours are just spectacular. Spring is also a lovely time to visit, when the trees don’t quite have a full canopy, the views are wider and there is more light. The wildflowers are also at their best in spring.

A walk up through the Hermitage and to Pine Cone Point in fabulous at almost any time of year, though again I’d say spring and autumn are my favourites.

What’s your favourite place to go for some peace and quiet in nature?

Balhomish Loch is a beautiful place to just sit and relax. It’s quite an easy walk from Birnam but not a place that many people visit so it’s ideal for some peace and quiet.

What are your favourite buildings in the area?

Well there are the obvious ones like the Cathedral but I also love the colourful Perth Arms, the Gothic windows of the old City Halls at Jeremy Law’s and the buildings on Boat Road. In Birnam, I think Erigmore House and the Railways Station building are outstanding as are many of the properties at the top of St Mary’s Road. The ‘Heritage Walks’ in both Dunkeld & Birnam are great for anyone interested in architecture.

Are there any walks or paths that you think capture the best of the area?

I would recommend a walk through Birnam Wood from the fishing hut at the Newtyle Beat, along under the Telford Bridge, up through the Orchard and then into Dunkeld. In Dunkeld itself, St Ninian’s Gardens are beautiful in the summer months.

For those looking for a longer walk, a combination of the Inchewan and Braan walks gives a wonderful overview of the area. Leaving from and returning to the Birnam Arts Centre, a short detour to Balhomish Loch, onwards to Rumbling Bridge then to the Hermitage returning via Inver. Of course, if you are up to it, a climb up Birnam Hill is worth it for the views!

Is there anywhere locally that you think is stunning but that many visitors never hear about or visit?

Apart from Balhomish Loch which is rarely visited, I’d recommend the Fiddler’s Path. Plenty people take the Dunkeld House side of the walk but less carry on and do the complete walk, over the Jubulee Bridge and along the other side of the river and past the Neil Gow Oak ‘The Fiddler Tree’. On a sunny day, I sometimes carry on under the Jubilee Bridge for a short time and then down onto the river side for a short break before heading back.

The Corbenic Poetry path should not be overlooked. The instillations are inspiring and the location is beautiful

If somebody only had an hour to explore, what’s the one thing you’d suggest they look at?

Depending on their interests, a walk through the Cross to the Cathedral and it’s grounds would be one suggestion, a visit to The Birnam Arts Centre would be another. Or simply a wander through Birnam or Dunkeld – too much to see both properly in an hour!

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